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I took the leap of faith this year and invested in Qualtrics.  The truth is that I’ve been using it for several years but only through client accounts that they set up for me.  I’ve spent two years as a freelancer focusing on my qualitative business; after all, freelance moderation is easy to understand and sell. However, this year has been different.  Suddenly the quant proposals have been pouring in.  I attribute this to the fact that companies are not necessarily hiring for every position they might want these days so there is a lot of overflow work for freelancers like me.  On the other side of the equation, someone like me with little overhead can be attractive to small ...

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Looking Back on 2015 image

2015 was a milestone year for my freelance practice thanks to all of my wonderful clients, friends, and supporters.  I couldn’t be happier with the balance that I’ve found in my  life and work. In honor of this amazing year, I thought about simply making an end-of-year donation as many companies do.  Then, I realized that a donation would mean so little in comparison to what I’ve been able to give back all year long.  Part of what I wanted to achieve with Harvest is a stronger connection to community.  Being a volunteer has always been an important part of my life, and I found it has been missing since I became a responsible adult. Thus, this year I rededicated myself to ...

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Blankets, Blankets, Blankets image

Work has been a little slow in December so I’ve taken on a new endeavor – blanket making!  Actually, this has become somewhat of a tradition since I began to freelance, as I have much more time on my hands.  It keeps me busy and gives the girls something to do too.  We make the blankets for 7Bridges homeless shelter, and this year we were able to complete a total of 40 blankets for the children in the shelter and on the streets this holiday season.

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Three Morning Decisions that Sap Productivity standard

Think of the amazing feeling that you get when you look down at your list for the day and everything is checked off.  Wow!  What a productive day!!  Well, I’ve had fewer of those days lately, and I think I’ve figured out why.  I am making three key mistakes during my morning that sap my productivity.  Here they are (in no particular order)… Limit Short-Term Distractions – It’s so easy to turn the TV on after my kids jump on the bus.  Or maybe I’ll just see what’s happening on Facebook.  Oh, what did I miss in the news last night?   Perhaps I should just check my neighborhood website to see if there are any dogs on the loose or ...

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So You Want to Go Freelance (Part 3) standard

Welcome to the third and slightly delayed final edition of So You Want to Go Freelance.  In this post, I’ll be providing some advice on finding clients. Considering where your work will come from is one of the things that keeps freelancers (and potential freelancers) up at night.  Income uncertainty is probably the greatest barrier to making the leap into freelance work, which is why I think that this is probably the most important of the three installments posted here.  Although nothing that I write below will be Earth-shattering, I hope that hearing it from someone who has been successful will give you the confidence to go out and try it yourself. 1) Former Employers – No one knows the ...

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So You Want to Go Freelance (Part 2) standard

Continuing on my post from last week, I’m offering advice to marketing research professionals who want to go freelance.  Here are a few more thoughts about getting started… Name & Legal Entity One of the biggest questions when I started was whether I should give the company a name or simply go by my own name.  My husband, the marketer and graphic artist, insisted that I come up with a name for the company both for branding and for flexibility. I spent months thinking about the name, going through multiple iterations, checking for available website URLs, etc.  In retrospect, I probably would recommend just going with your first and last name if you want to get off to a quick start, especially if you ...

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