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Many of the people that I know in our industry come from a social science background and/or have been influenced by the work of Malcolm Gladwell.  I stumbled upon his new podcast series Revisionist History the other day and was immediately impressed.  Podcasts are a great forum for his natural storytelling ability.  His topics range from exploring history with a new lens to revealing the myth behind some of our commonly held American beliefs.  I’ve been pleased with the message and production value of each episode, but my favorite is Carlos Doesn’t Remember, which documents the terrible waste of leaving the talent of low-income students unrealized.

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On April 19th the WIRe Atlanta chapter set a new record for attendance at their Spring meeting.  Kat McCluskey, Senior Art Director at Razorfish’s Emerging Experiences group headlined the event, providing an overview of Virtual and Augmented Reality and touching on the Internet of Thing (IoT).  All of these technologies are poised to impact the Marketing Research industry, and this event gave attendees the opportunity to explore how they might improve our insight development in the future. As many in the audience learned, both Virtual and Augmented Reality already exist, and tech industry giants as well as Silicon Valley start-ups are making these experiences more accessible. While there are multiple nuances between them, the simple difference between Virtual and Augmented Realty is the ...

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Harvest Insights is pleased to announce the adoption of Gwennie Wennie as Director of Active Lifestyles. Gwennie comes to Harvest from a rural shelter in Cordele, GA where she had advanced to second on the euthanasia list.  After narrowly making an escape into the arms of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, she came to Harvest through the temp position of Foster Dog.  In that position, Gwennie spent several days carefully examining the back of her crate and growling at her co-workers.  Her antisocial behavior, caught the attention of Alisa Hamilton, Founder of Harvest Insights, who decided to take young Gwennie under her wing.  Their mentor/mentee relationship has grown as Gwennie has enrolled in several extensive training exercises to improve her communication skills. After three months in her temporary position, Gwennie ...

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The title is a little joke that my Dad and I have been using for ages.  He’s an actor in Buffalo and whenever his play is featured in the newspaper or he has a local commercial, we laugh that he’s world famous in Buffalo.  I don’t know why it entertains us so much, but it never grows old. Anyway, by some stroke of luck, I happened to be moderating some focus groups the day that a reporter for the Atlanta Journal Constitution happened to be visiting the Pulte Design Center.  The photographer caught me in a few pictures, although the article had nothing to do with me.  Still, don’t they say that all publicity is good publicity? You can read ...

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Transitioning from full-time work to owning my own business has been challenging in many ways, but this back to school year has been particularly treacherous for me.  I am so used to going non-stop that I don’t know what to do with myself when I’m not.  I’d love to say that I’m exactly as busy as I want to be, but I’m not.  I have steady work for maybe one week a month, which I guess is not enough for me. Now, you are wondering why I don’t just go get more business.  Well, I do… kinda.  I go through cycles where I aggressively pursue new leads, but then I either don’t get a response or I start to worry ...

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