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Throw Away Your Prospect Spreadsheets image

This post might be a little outdated for some of you, but I know that there are many small marketing research agencies out there that are still maintaining their client and prospect lists in Excel.  I know because I’ve been there, I’ve lived it, and I’ve talked to some of you who are still living it.  Right now many of you are clicking off this page because you already have a sales management system and the rest of you are asking, “Why mess with my iron clad Excel system if it’s not broken?” Because I’m here to tell you that if you are maintaining client and prospect lists in Excel, your system is broken.  Or maybe I should say that you ...

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Outsourcing? Things You Should Know standard

As project timelines and budgets shrink, outsourcing some research operations to lower cost providers becomes more and more attractive. I experienced this first hand a few years ago as I developed a relationship with Annik in India. What I learned from that experience is that creating a successful outsourcing relationship takes time as there can be a significant learning curve on both sides. Here are a few things to consider before you begin: Know What Is Required from You In the US, we are used to flexibility in the workflow process and are familiar enough with project delays to manage around them. We often can begin the next phase of a project even if one part of the previous step ...

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Why I Love Bulletin Boards gallery

Bulletin boards are nothing new.  I get that.  They’ve been around for almost as long as I’ve been in this business (ok, maybe not quite that long).  Still, I was on the phone with a client yesterday who had never experienced a bulletin board before.  It stands to reason that there might be many others out there who either have never tried bulletin boards or who haven’t used them recently.  However, if you love bulletin boards too and use them often, you can probably skip this post. If you are new or returning to bulletin boards, let me share my great enthusiasm with you.  I LOVE BULLETIN BOARDS!  There.  Are you convinced? Ok.  Let me tell you why I love them, and ...

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Blurred Lines – the Qual/Quant Edition standard

Sorry if the title of this post brought back nightmarish memories of the twerking scandal of 2013.  I wasn’t actually referring to the song but to our shifting perspective on qualitative and quantitative research. A friend of mine, Sheila Katz, who teaches Sociology at the University of Houston wrote…  …finished my lecture in my qualitative research methods class today with about 10 minutes left in class. The class is mostly made up of students in related social sciences, but I only have 3 sociology majors in the class. I asked if anyone had any last questions, and my psychology major student raised his hand and asks “so, I don’t understand why the social sciences are taught from a primary quantitatitve frame. From ...

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The Rise of Infographic Resumes image

Whenever I was hiring for a project manager at my former company, I would spend an absurd amount of time skimming resumes. By skimming, I would say that I probably spent 2o seconds glancing at it on the screen. In that pass, I’m looking for experience and skills to qualify you for the job. If the candidate passes that round, the resume gets printed for a more thorough read – typically 1 minute. I can tell you that I’ve seen some horrible resume layouts. Since our Project Managers also wrote reports for our clients, if the resume wasn’t visually appealing, it was much more likely to meet the bottom of the recycle bin. I didn’t have a hard and fast rule about resume layouts, ...

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3 MR Tools You Should Be Using (Part 3) standard

I’ve had the privilege to work with two of the best tabbers.  They are the best not just because of their skillset, but more importantly because of their unending patience with my constant requests. Not surprisingly, I am a complete and utter nuisance when it comes to tabs.  I want more process tables and cuts and banner points than should be legally allowed. I like to “stay curious” when analyzing data which inevitably means looking for the answers to all of my questions in mounds and mounds of tabs. That’s why I’m including this third and final tool in my list of MR tools you should be using. 3) MarketSight Challenge: In a world where we need to let the data ...

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