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IIeX Wrap-Up standard

The Insights and Innovation Exchange is my favorite conference each year, and not just because it’s held here in Atlanta.  The two and a half days that we gather down at GA Tech are jam packed with presentations, technology, conversations, etc.  It’s a whirlwind that leaves most attendees both exhausted and invigorated.  Here are a few themes based on what I heard and saw, but remember no one person can possibly experience everything so this is just a quick glimpse. Technology Solutions = Exponential Growth It’s been two years since I attended IIeX last, and what strikes me each time is the number of new and niche technology solutions available.  Want to do ethnographies via cell phone?  There’s a company for that. ...

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WIRe Atlanta Review image

On April 19th the WIRe Atlanta chapter set a new record for attendance at their Spring meeting.  Kat McCluskey, Senior Art Director at Razorfish’s Emerging Experiences group headlined the event, providing an overview of Virtual and Augmented Reality and touching on the Internet of Thing (IoT).  All of these technologies are poised to impact the Marketing Research industry, and this event gave attendees the opportunity to explore how they might improve our insight development in the future. As many in the audience learned, both Virtual and Augmented Reality already exist, and tech industry giants as well as Silicon Valley start-ups are making these experiences more accessible. While there are multiple nuances between them, the simple difference between Virtual and Augmented Realty is the ...

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Without a Manual image

I am a “by the book” type of girl – the type of person that reads the IKEA instructions before spending 2 hours putting together a table.  I’m just more comfortable with having all of the information available to me. That’s why fostering dogs is great for me because these dogs do not come with any type of manual.  On the contrary, every dog is completely different with his/her own set of issues.  When I’m explaining some new training technique to a friend, I often also explain that “I just make this shit up.”  And that is the honest truth.  I don’t know how any particular dog is going to respond to any particular tactic.  I just use my instincts and ...

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The Future of Research Technology standard

By virtue of my husband’s role as the Vice President of Emerging Experiences at one of the world’s largest digital agencies, I have the privilege of sitting in the passenger seat to the future.  As such, I learn about, and sometimes even try out, much of the new technology coming to the marketplace.  My vantage point is a blessing, although I’ll admit that it feels more like a curse when I find a dissected helicopter drone or a pile of Kinect components on my living room floor.  I’ll also admit that for all of the time I spend being slapped in the face by my husband’s obsessive technology disorder, I spend very little energy considering how it will impact the ...

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