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A few weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of speaking to this year’s Masters of Marketing Research students at the University of GA.  I’m a teacher by nature – my Dad was a teacher; I went to graduate school to be a teacher; I love teaching.  So, giving a seminar on my favorite methodology was a blast, but the best part of the seminar happened when the teaching was over. That’s when the straight-talk about employment began – client-side, supplier-side, B2B, CPG, big company, small company?  So, many decisions when the world as at your feet.  After the session, I received lots of LinkedIn requests and gratitude, but one particular student emailed me to ask for interviewing advice.  I ...

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So You Want to Go Freelance (Part 3) standard

Welcome to the third and slightly delayed final edition of So You Want to Go Freelance.  In this post, I’ll be providing some advice on finding clients. Considering where your work will come from is one of the things that keeps freelancers (and potential freelancers) up at night.  Income uncertainty is probably the greatest barrier to making the leap into freelance work, which is why I think that this is probably the most important of the three installments posted here.  Although nothing that I write below will be Earth-shattering, I hope that hearing it from someone who has been successful will give you the confidence to go out and try it yourself. 1) Former Employers – No one knows the ...

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So You Want to Go Freelance (Part 1) image

Every few weeks, I respond to an inquiry about how I got started doing freelance market research.  Since I’m relatively new to freelancing, I generally have a lot to say on this subject.  I have so much to say that I’ll probably have to break my ramblings down into 2 separate posts to cover it all here.  The second post will focus on how to market yourself and where to look for clients (think low hanging fruit). Actually, you might think that me laying out the process to freelancing is counterintuitive since anyone that follows my sage advice would become my competition.  The truth is that there’s probably not enough good freelancers out there to meet the overwhelming need in the industry. I firmly ...

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Always Growing image

My work has slowed down in June, which happened by my own design.  However, the slow time has reminded me how much of a busy-body I am.  I just don’t like sitting around and my “to-do” list gets longer by the day. Basically for the past month, I’ve been doing a lot of reading, a little pampering of myself, and a ton of driving my kids around.  I’ve also been looking into a few additional business ventures that I can’t discuss yet. It’s been fun, and I’ve been enjoying a little spontaneity, like yesterday when I found that there is a Bantam & Biddy in Lenox Mall.  Luckily, I had my book so I had a productive little lunch. I know you’re hating me right ...

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Not since the invention of online surveys has something sparked the imagination of our industry like Infographics. Sure, we haven’t mastered the art of making them, and we aren’t quite sure how to define them.  Yet, most of us know a good infographic when we see it (or think we do). So, I want to take a few minutes to write about how to make a good infographic and provide some useful tools and links. Then, you can let your imagination run wild! Whenever I’m working on an infographic, I try to stick to three fundamental rules: 1) Know Your Audience The infographics that we see on a daily basis are meant not just for public consumption but for public promotion. Every infographic “how to” includes a ...

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Throw Away Your Prospect Spreadsheets image

This post might be a little outdated for some of you, but I know that there are many small marketing research agencies out there that are still maintaining their client and prospect lists in Excel.  I know because I’ve been there, I’ve lived it, and I’ve talked to some of you who are still living it.  Right now many of you are clicking off this page because you already have a sales management system and the rest of you are asking, “Why mess with my iron clad Excel system if it’s not broken?” Because I’m here to tell you that if you are maintaining client and prospect lists in Excel, your system is broken.  Or maybe I should say that you ...

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