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Blurred Lines – the Qual/Quant Edition standard

Sorry if the title of this post brought back nightmarish memories of the twerking scandal of 2013.  I wasn’t actually referring to the song but to our shifting perspective on qualitative and quantitative research. A friend of mine, Sheila Katz, who teaches Sociology at the University of Houston wrote…  …finished my lecture in my qualitative research methods class today with about 10 minutes left in class. The class is mostly made up of students in related social sciences, but I only have 3 sociology majors in the class. I asked if anyone had any last questions, and my psychology major student raised his hand and asks “so, I don’t understand why the social sciences are taught from a primary quantitatitve frame. From ...

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Market Research: Commodity or Consultancy? image

Since the dawn of time, market researchers have struggled with balancing our work on the fine line between commodity and consultancy.  The pendulum has swung back and forth over the years, but we seem to be at a new crossroads these days with companies battling it out to stake out their own place on the continuum. Maybe defining both words would provide us with some context as we look across our own market: Commodity: A good or service which can be supplied without differentiation across a market. Commoditization often occurs when there is diffusion of intellectual capital necessary to produce the good or service effectively. Consultancy: A company or individual that provides specialized advice to other companies for a fee.  A consultant generally ...

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3 MR Tools You Should Be Using (Part 1) standard

There are several persistent issues that I’ve found in my many years in this industry.  Some are big requiring major solutions and others are tiny nuisances.  I’m pretty passionate about moving our industry forward and love when I find a product or service that pushes our boundaries.  So, I want to start talking more about these solutions. Since I have no stake in any company right now, I will begin reviewing the tools that I’ve loved using over the years. There are a number of great tools out there, so I’m going to start a mini-series here on the blog. The first three issues that I will tackle are: Graph population Text analytics Basic data analysis I’m open to covering ...

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